Down and Up, with a Phalcon

//Down and Up, with a Phalcon

So we decided to test out the trailer (the primitive protoytpe) on the famous Diablo Drop off, located in the Anza Borrego desert in Southern California.

The weather could not have been better; mostly sunny but in the low 70’s with a nice breeze.


The protoype handled the terrain well, despite not having the upgraded suspension of the production model.


Down the drop we went, in four-low and first gear to control speed and avoid overheating the brakes. The MK1 Phalcon trailer has electric brakes to help with descents like this. After the drop off we maneuvered through Arroyo Secco, which depending on recent weather can be anything from easy to very difficult. We were lucky the recent rains hadn’t done too much damage.


The trailer made it through easily with its high clearance.

We camped at Fish Creek campground located at Split Mtn. After a night of live bluegrass and good company, we decided to test the trailer – and tow vehicle- going UP the drop off. It was a tough climb, but we made it. There will be more pics and even some video on our youtube channel.