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Our Story

A legacy is born

What started as an obsession with off-roading and trailers turned into a father and son backyard/garage project.  The garage project continued for 6 years in the form of building, testing, scrapping, and retesting several design ideas. With a bit of luck , and as Grandpa would say “main strength and ingenuity” and the final design began to take form.  

After reaching what we felt was a working prototype, and testing it extensively, it became clear that it was time to start engineering and modeling our final design.  That’s when the partnership – and the company, was formed.  


From the very beginning, we set out to make quality our top priority. Phalcon trailers are built by hand to last. These are not press-board and tin shells, Phalcon trailers are made to stand the tests of time and trails. With our unique design, and rugged construction, Phalcon trailers are destined to be the next American Icon.